Why We Picked The Oils and Butters We Did

Skin Benefits of Oils and Butters

Our products are primarily made of natural plant oils and butter so it's important to understand why we pick the one we do. We hope by sharing this knowledge with you it will help you pick what's best for your skin.


Why does it matter? Isn't natural products just better for you?

The short answer is yes the step to going natural will give you great results. But you still have to make sure you are picking the right tool for the job. You wouldn't want to use your cellphone as a hammer. While it could drive the nail in it would also damage the phone. This is much like our skin. Natural products are better as they tend to be less harsh and more like your own skin but picking the right oil for your skin is very important. For example, some people LOVE coconut oil for their skin, and for good reason, we will show below. However, this can be overly drying to some people so they make want to stay away from this one.  The same is true when it comes to very dry skin vs very oily skin, what works for one may not work for someone else. So it's important to understand which oils are best suited for you.

Benefits of Kokum Butter for the Skin

When you choose natural lotions and body butters as well as other items, you’re staying away from buying products made with harsh chemicals. These synthetic chemicals can seep into the ground, the water, and even get into the air we breathe. If plants and animals come into contact with them, it can cause serious harm. Choosing natural beauty products means that you’re only buying items made using ingredients found naturally from the earth.


When you choose to go natural, it’s much safer for your skin and for your body as a whole. Synthetic products can seep into your skin and actually get into the bloodstream, which might result in serious health problems. Using natural beauty items can have a much more positive effect on the way you look and feel. When you feel great from the inside out, it will show in many different ways! Avoid using synthetic beauty products whenever possible, since they can cause health problems and toxicity.

Healthy Nutrients

Any beauty product made from natural ingredients will have lots of healthy nutrients included. Whether it’s natural oils like coconut or argan oil or healthy fragrances like lemon and other essential oils, it’s a much better option than store-bought, mass-produced products. All of these healthy ingredients are packed with nutrients that will nourish and moisturize the skin in a wholesome, natural way. Consider purchasing our products to make you feel clean, healthy, and beautiful today!