Cafe Caramel | Natural Soy Candle | Hand-Poured and Hand-Crafted

Cafe Caramel | Natural Soy Candle | Hand-Poured and Hand-Crafted

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100% American Grown Natural Soy | High-Quality Phthalate-Free Fragrances Only

Scented 100% Soy Candles - Café Caramel Scented Candle - Dye Free Candles

Available in 9 oz. and 4 oz. Glass jars with a screw tight lid. Or in 3 oz. Wax melt containers.

Each candle is handcrafted and hand-poured in Shawnee, Kansas, with love and care.

The cotton wick is lead-free and zinc-free

Café Caramel is the aroma of fresh-brewed cappuccino, filled with heavy cream and sweetened with sugary caramel. Smells AH-mazing

Top Notes: freshly brewed coffee
Mid Notes: heavy cream
Base Notes: caramel

RB & Co Natural Candles are handmade and hand-poured with 100% Natural Soy Wax. Always made in small batches to order, so you are guaranteed a fresh candle.

A natural candle leads to a clean-burning candle for you and your family! Made using natural oils and ingredients.

4 oz candle is 2.38 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches tall—metal lid.

9 oz candle is 2.88 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall—metal lid.

All components are made in the USA.

Gift boxes are available upon request for our zero waste friends and to help reduce un-needed materials.
It will come in a beautiful embossed gift box with purple paper shred and wrapped with a cute black ribbon if gifting.

WARNING: While the candle is burning, the sides of the candle will become HOT. Please allow for the candle to cool after extinguishing the flame before handling the candle. Keep out of reach of children and pets and never leave a burning candle unattended.